Other Artwork

Elemental Dragons (Earth, Air, Water, Fire).  Original artwork on box canvas 5 inches x 7 inches, £5 each (plus £3 each postage) or £15 the set (plus £3 postage).

The unicorn collection is available to buy as individual items (£4 each plus £3 postage) or as a set (£12 plus £3 postage).  They are the Unicorn of Love (pink and blue), Unicorn of Peace (yellow), Unicorn of Joy (orange), Unicorn of Wisdom (green).

Further artwork below.  Prices do not include postage.

Poppy Field. 11.75 inches by 8.5 inches. £11 plus £3 postage.
Scarab Beetle 7 x 5 inches £5. Helps wishes come true.
Fairy Wishes, on canvas board 10" x 12", £8
Fairy Angel, on canvas board 10" x 8", £8
Mysts of Avebury, on box canvas 12" x 9", £12
Sacred Avebury, on box canvas 12" x 9", £12
Unicorn and Green Dragon on box canvas 16" x 20" £40 each. Pegasus SOLD.
Insects - ladybird; green hairstreak butterfly; bumble bee. Framed, 10.5" x 18" £25.
Private collection
Private collection

Items below have been *SOLD*:

Meditation - *SOLD*
Glastonbury Tor - *SOLD*
Goddess of Avalon *SOLD*
Avebury Cove Stones - *SOLD*
Avebury commission, *SOLD*
The Gold and Silver Violet Flame - *SOLD*
The Three-fold Violet Flame - *SOLD*
Medicine Wheel - *SOLD*
Rainbow Heart on blue - *SOLD*
Large Rainbow Heart on pink - *SOLD*
Daisies and Poppies - *SOLD*

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